A perfect animal care and raise experience

We are proud to introduce Soulmate, a customized experience designed to teach compassion and proper animal care to new and future pet owners, while providing expert guidance in treating animals with love, care, and tenderness.

Soulmate takes place in a small private room, where you can play and cuddle with our humanely raised pedigree rabbits and guinea pigs, as you learn to understand the responsibility of caring for a furry friend. A member of our qualified animal care team will provide educational insights throughout the experience, offering a perfect trial format before bringing home your own rabbit or guinea pig. With hands-on learning, we’ll practice safe handling, and discuss how to provide rabbits and guinea pigs with proper comfort, hygiene, and dietary care.

Our program is also perfect for those who love animals but are unable to keep a pet for a variety of reasons, including allergies or space limitations, or even those who simply desire the inherent joy of calming pet therapy. As you stroke their soft fur gently, you’ll gain a rewarding experience that reduces stress and anxiety for both you and our rabbits.

Whether a small child looking forward to a first pet, or an older individual looking for the loyal companionship of a furry friend, we welcome all ages to register for our educational and therapeutic Soulmate program. Soulmates come in many forms, and when you find your soulmate in a furry friend, you’ll gain the experience of a lifetime.



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