Pedigree Rabbits


Our core service is rabbit breeding. We only use pure-bred rabbits from highly respected breeders in the US, ensuring genetic purity and healthy rabbits. When you provide a home for one of our beautiful rabbits, you get an animal that has been bred and raised to the highest possible standards. And for your peace of mind, we always keep detailed breeding records.


Discover your rabbit’s ancestry here.


Netherland Dwarf

Holland Lop

Dwarf Hotot


Breeding rabbits is a time-consuming, costly process that requires constant vigilance. That’s why we never sell rabbits cheaply. We spare no expense when it comes to giving our animals the best food and living conditions. As a result, our prices might be higher than those of other pet stores.

We love our rabbits and it shows! We spend hours caring for and playing with our beloved animals. So when they find their forever homes, they’re happy, healthy and full of life.

When you purchase a rabbit from Beh & Yo, you’re guaranteed the following´╝Ü

Support and expert advice from the Beh & Yo team

Healthy, mite-free and snuffles- free rabbits

Pure-bred rabbits with a traceable breeding history

Hand-reared rabbits that spend their first two months in our care

Rabbits from small litters — quality is always more important than quantity for us