Netherland Dwarf Sample 3
Netherland Dwarf Sample 3
Netherland Dwarf Sample 3
Netherland Dwarf Sample 3
Netherland Dwarf Sample 3
Netherland Dwarf Sample 3


Netherland Dwarf Sample 3

RM680.00 - RM1,500.00

Quantity: 3

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The bunnies you see in photos are only for reference. As we are unable to display all the bunnies’ photos on our website. Customers are encouraged to contact us directly for more information.

Please download a copy of the owner’s guide here.

Refer FAQs  for more information.

Finding the right owner

At Beh & Yo, the welfare of our rabbits is our top priority. While we sell rabbits to people who’ll care for them, profit is not our primary concern. If we believe you’re not suited to life as a rabbit owner, we will refuse to sell you one of our beloved animals.

We believe that every bunny is unique, which is why we never breed rabbits to look exactly the same as an existing pet. To us, every rabbit brought into the world is a work of art — a one of a kind! We’re not here to interfere with Mother Nature; we’re here to breed and raise happy, healthy rabbits.

We always provide happy, healthy rabbits because of the principles we employ at Beh & Yo:

  • Our stores and barns are disinfected daily.
  • A high-tech barn facility that includes cooling system, a sophisticated lighting system, automatic drink dispensers for the rabbits and automated cleaning technology.
  • Our beautiful bunnies are raised on a diet of quality pellets, fresh hay and clean water.
  • We only ever source rabbits from our trusted supplier in the United States.
  • We house all rabbits over two months old in separate cages.
  • We wait eight weeks before we wean off our rabbits.
  • We only sell male rabbits (bucks) to prevent unintentional breeding.
  • We sell to individuals who we’re certain can look after our rabbits.
  • We groom our bunnies regularly and perform health checks on a continual basis.

Rabbit availability

We don’t have lots of rabbits for sale at any one time. That’s because we’re serious about breeding pedigree rabbits humanely. We take the time to breed and raise rabbits with good genetics, healthy colouring and good physical traits. All our beautiful rabbits are bred according to ARBA’a Standard of Perfection guidelines.

As a result of the strict breeding requirements, Beh & Yo supply of rabbits is always limited. If you are interested in enquiring about availability of your choice of rabbit, you are welcome to contact us.

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