Purchasing A Rabbit

When buying a new rabbit, always make sure that:

  1. The rabbit is healthy. This is the single, most important criteria!
  2. Look out for frisky rabbits with bright eyes. Observe its attitude. A rabbit that is happily frolicking in the cage is a sign of a healthy, happy rabbit.
  3. Be wary of rabbits with dull eyes, dull coat (fur) or dull demeanour (does not move around a lot). These are signs of a sick bunny.
  4. Check that the bunny’s fecal pellet is firm and dry. Soft stools are signs of digestive upsets or diarrhea and may be fatal.
  5. Do not purchase a rabbit under 6 weeks of age. It may suffer from post-weaning stress and is potentially fatal.

Beh & Yo Rabbitry takes these into consideration seriously and we do not sell sick rabbits nor rabbits under the age of 6 weeks. We always strive to ensure only happy, healthy rabbits are sold to our customers. Read our Sales Policy to find out more about our health guarantees.

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